Thursday, 6 October 2011

Pebbles as keepsakes

You find yourself walking along the beach and find a beautiful pebble. You pick it up thinking how nice it would be to keep as a keepsake. Months later you forget about this pretty pebble. Perhaps making into a pendant would not only make it more attractive, but add value to it thus creating a beautiful wire wrapped jewelry.

Just like gemstones, pebbles can be made into beautiful pendants to adorn any type of jewelry chain. You can add the pendant to a sterling silver or a gold chain to make it an interesting handmade jewelry.

One way to make pendants out of pebbles is to use a technique called wire wrapping. The most common type of wire used is half-hard or soft wire. The size of the wire will depend on the size of the stone you want to wire wrap. The wire can come in different types specifically square, round, and half round. Normally, square and half-round are easier to use than round ones. They tend to stay put than the round ones.

You can practically wire wrap anything! You can use this technique on broken antique glass, old pendants, rocks, pebbles, rare stones, gem stones, and more. Just add a little bit of imagination and you can create something that will be your own handmade jewelry treasure that you can pass on to generations.

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