Sunday, 2 October 2011

How to wear custom jewelry

We all love jewelry from manufactured pieces to custom handcrafted jewelry. One thing we need to consider is that the jewelry piece should work with not only our clothes, but also our own body.

Chunky jewelry works best with those with strong bone structure. This mixes well with thicker fabrics, plaids and bold patterns. If you're going for a casual look, a chunky piece of jewelry is a great choice.

Elegant fine jewelry works well with fine bone structure and is appropriate for all occasions. This includes pieces like fine gold and silver chains with a simple pendant. You can wear this with thin fabrics, small stripes and delicate patterns.

Large handcrafted or handmade jewelry are best suited for taller individuals. This goes well with casual looks, but at the same time create a dramatic look for the wearer.

Small handcrafted jewelry are suited for with shorter individuals looking for jewelry for any occasion. The type of fabric should have small patterns to avoid overpowering the look of the piece.

The art of wearing jewelry can be tricky. And it may take time to find the right one that fits both your clothes and body type. I hope that some of these rules can be of use when deciding what type of jewelry to wear.

As posted on Serenbeadity website.

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