Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What is Valentines Day?

There are several legends as to how Valentines day came about. One legend claim that St Valentine was a Christian whom the Roman Emperor Claudius II ordered to convert to paganism to save his life. Valentine vehemently refused and was executed. Before his execution, he was said to have performed a miracle by healing the daughter of his jailer.

Another legend states that Valentine was a priest who refused to follow a law ordered by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The law ordered young men to remain single as the Emperor wanted to grow his army. He believed that married men did not make good soldiers. Valentine went against the law and secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. Valentine was eventually thrown in jail once Emperor Claudius got word of his actions. 

A third and more modern twist to the Valentine legend was that Valentine, on the eve of his execution, wrote his first "Valentines" card. He addressed it to a young girl, a friend and also the young daughter of his jailer. The note read "From your valentine."

We will never know what the true story of Valentines Day is. However, it is now a celebrated day of love.
Many treat Valentines like Christmas or birthdays. They shower their loved ones with gifts. The gifts given on this day may vary. The most popular ones are jewelry, flowers and chocolates.

Jewelry makes a great Valentines Day gift as it lasts practically forever. It will not wilt or melt like flowers or chocolates. It can be custom designed in various ways to suit anyone's taste. Many women prefer jewelry as a Valentines gift because of its beauty and value. It can be worn every day for her own enjoyment or passed
down to generations after.

Some may balk at the thought of Valentines Day because it is a holiday which "requires" you to spend time with a boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband. However, Valentines Day should not just be about couples. It can be about your friends, family or children. Giving Valentines Day card to friends or children will surely put a smile on their faces.

As Valentines Day approaches, stores start to stock up on Valentines cards and gifts. Many people think Valentines Day or any other holiday are too commercialized as stores are quick to change stock.  Whether you believe in Valentines Day or not, it is a popular holiday that will stay with us forever.