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Birthstone traditional and modern list

Birthstones were thought to have supernatural powers. Wearing the stone that was associated with the person's birthday was believed to bring good luck and health. Typically, precious stones such as gemstones were used and still being used today. Birthstones were worn set in rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Although the history of birthstones focused on giving mythical strength to it's wearer, today we may just follow whatever the list says because it is associated with our birth date.

The current birthstone list was created in the early 1900s by a group jewelers during a jeweler association meeting.


January - garnets
February - amethyst
March  - bloodstone
April - diamonds
May - Emerald
June  - Agate
July - ruby
August - Sardonyx
September - Sapphire
October - Opal
November  - topaz
December  - turquoise


January - garnet
February - amethyst, hyacinth, pearl
March - blodostone, jasper
April - diamond, sapphire
May - emerald, agate
June - cat's eye, turquoise, agate
July - turquoise, onyx
August - sardonyx, carnelian, moonstone, topaz
September - chrysolite
October - opal, aquamarine
November - topaz, pearl
December - bloodstone, ruby

Mystical birthstone (Tibetan origins)

January - emerald
February - bloodstone
March - jade
April - opal
May - sapphire
June - moonstone
July - ruby
August - diamond
September - agate
October - jasper
November - pearl
December - onyx

Many still believe the mythical properties of birthstones and normally choose the ones that pertain to their
birthday. However, most agree that you can wear whatever stone you want as birthstones are beautiful adornments for any jewelry piece. Modern reasons in wearing one depends on how you feel about the stone itself.

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