Friday, 23 December 2011

How to create balance in your jewelry design

Making your own jewelry from scratch is fun! Allowing yourself to shine through your artwork is just one of things you want to achieve in any jewelry pice you make. Choosing the colour, material and texture are all important in making your own jewelry. However, balancing these materials plays a significant role in the
wearability of your jewelry piece.

When creating your own jewelry, ensure to create balance. Symmetrical, assymetrical, discordant, and radial balance forms are typically used to achieve balance for your jewelry.

Symmetrical is when all elements in a piece have a mirror image of one another. This is a formal type of balance that is widely used. It is fairly easy to do because all you do is match both sides of the jewelry piece.

Asymetrical balance pertains to desings where vsual weight is important rather than mirror images of each
other. This method is more difficult to achieve, but adds interest to a piece.

Discordant balance is used for the purpoe of creating an off balance design. This type of work is intended to
create a totally unique piece and draws the eyes of onlookers.

Simple discordant
Radial design balance is in a form of a circle. This is where all elements come from a center point going outwards in a circular fashion. Many bead weaving designs are made this way. It is an easy technique to use and fun to look at.

Designing your unique pieces can be done by using one of these balance methods. Of course, if you are starting out, it may take a few tries to perfect each method. In time, practicing these methods can create beautiful jewelry that you or someone can enjoy. Creating this balance in your handcrafted jewelry will make all the difference to a jewelry piece.

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