Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Reinvention of Handcrafted Jewelry

Custom handcrafted jewelry has been reinvented as an artisan craft. It is no longer considered your “granny’s” hobby. It has been taken up by sophisticated and artistic people the world over.

Many custom handcrafted jewelry are unique in their own way. Wearing these pieces can make a bolder statement compared to simple gold jewelry. The freedom to mix color and texture is one reason jewelry designers love to create custom handcrafted jewelry.

Some custom pieces may include rare materials therefore having limited availability. Many of these are created as one of a kind pieces that cannot be made with the same materials. Owning something no one will ever have makes custom jewelry highly desirable! However, there are jewelry designers that can mimic their own work with different materials.

The beauty of custom handcrafted jewelry can be found not only in it’s materials, but through it’s unique and one of a kind qualities.

This article originally came from Serenbeadity

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